Skylight and Dome light Installations

In order to augment natural light inside your building or room and to also increase ventilation in a room, skylights that are fixed typically to the rooftops are opted for. And in many ways more than one, this does make a difference when it is daylight as there’s more natural light streaming in not just from the windows, but the roofing too.

Skylight is known by many related terminologies, be it a roof window, or even roof light, but they all relatively mean the same and are intended for the same purpose that is to capitalize on the natural light levels made available. And if you want to see a lot more of the outdoors, then a skylight would be good to opt for. And if you want more indirect and direct sunlight, then skylight is what you need. And yes, if you believe in a sustainable building, then skylights make a perfect fitment.

Dome lights are basically a form of skylights that is vented or dome shaped and sometimes, they are operable via a motor that can be used to open and close it whenever you want to because physically reaching out to them is not possible

And J&J Metal Roofing has extensive experience in this and engages in skylight and dome light installations, setting-up, fixing, repairs and maintenance, if any.

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